European Package Tourists’ Behaviour and World Heritage Attraction: An Exploratory Study

Fawwaz ALhammad, John Beech, Hani Al-Dmour


This study aims to explore European tourists' experiences in world heritage attractions in order to establish and develop a critical and contextual model of tourists’ responses to world heritage as a tourism attraction. This study has been conducted in July 2007 on four package tourists from four European Countries (UK, France, Italy and Germany) in the context of the ancient city of Petra, Jordan. The study relied on tourists experiences to identify the main variables that may explain how tourists response to world heritage as a tourists attraction, and explain how heritage concepts and experiences vary cross-culturally. The study suggested a theoretical hypothesised model to investigate tourists’ responses to world heritage as a tourists' attraction.


European Tourists, Package Tourists, Tourists Response, World Heritage and Petra

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