The impact of E-Marketing on Achieving Competitive Advantage by the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Firms

Anbar I. Shlash, Suleiman I. Al-Houri, Mohammad S. Al-Shoura


The study aimed to identify the level of the use of electronic marketing in the pharmaceutical companies in Jordan and its impact on the achievement of competitive advantage. The study population included all managers of the 14 Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies .The study questionnaire was distributed to 69 male and female managers, and 66 questionnaires valid for statistical analysis (96%) were retrieved. The SPSS program was used to test the study hypotheses. The most important results of the study were: that some Jordanian pharmaceutical companies tend to use the Internet in marketing, in order to meet the buyers' needs and to get to know their views. Another result was that the pharmaceutical companies had competitive capabilities which enabled them to achieve a competitive advantage in the direction of developing their market share, and to introduce products with competitive prices, and provide services at a remarkable speed. One of the most important recommendations was that the Jordanian pharmaceutical companies have to employ the Internet technology in marketing their products and adopt it as a part of their marketing strategy. This will positively lead to the enhancement of their competitive capabilities both locally and internationally.


Electronic Marketing, Competitive Advantage, Pharmaceutical Companies, Jordan

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