The Perceived Image of Petra as An International Tourist Destination from Foreign Tourists Perspectives

Khedidja Soumeya Benhaddou, Hani Hamed Al-Dhmour


This research attempts to determine the principal factors that impacts the perception of Petra’s image, display if the perceived image is positive or negative; determine if there are gaps between the expectations before the visit and the perception after; demonstrate the effect of the natural characteristics and the services provided in Petra on the perceived image; and to propose some solutions that can improve tourism sector by adopting marketing strategies and activate the movement of tourism in Petra and in Jordan. In order to achieve the study objectives and to conduct the research in a systematic approach, a conceptual framework was developed. The main factors of the conceptual framework were proposed as: natural and archeological characteristics of Petra; safety, hospitality of Jordanian, the hospitality industry and transportation; the cost of the visit and the advertising efforts.
The questionnaire was designed to collect the required primary data, the study sample was composed of (500) tourists, and the respondents reached (402) with rate (80.4%).
The study findings were as follows:
1. The perceived image of Petra as a tourist destination by international tourists is very positive; it was positive before the visit and became more positive after in terms of archeological attractions, safety and Jordanian hospitality. The majority of the respondents will recommend it to their relatives and friends. Petra was positioned as the most popular, attractive, wonderful site in the tourist's minds.
2. Respondents did not enjoy the quality of the hospitality industry in the area of Petra like the quality of food served in the restaurant and the services offered in hotels in addition to the mean of transportation inside the site.
3. Tourists perceived the cost of the visit to Petra so high especially the price of the entrance to the site.
4. Tourists were very dissatisfied about the advertising actions done about Petra; they see that they are insufficient for an important destination like Petra.


Petra, Tourist Destination, Foreign Tourists

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