The Extant Of Specialization in Audit Firms in Jordan

Doa'a K. Abu Issa


This study aims at investigating the extent of specialization in auditing by audit firms which perform audit services for share-holding companies in Jordan during the period 2003-2007. To achieve the objective of the study; financial data have been collected about share-holding companies and analyzed using Weighted Marked Share (WMS) or Neal and Realy (2004) model. The findings of the study showed that 60% of Jordanian audit firms are at least specialized in one sector.
The findings of the study show that 60% of Jordanian audit firms are specialized in one sector at least or more. It appears from the study that 8% of the audit firms are specialized in Banking sector, 24% are specialized in the Insurance sector, 32% are specialized in services sector, and36% are specialized in industry sector.
The study concluded by many recommendations including encourage audit firms to be specialized to achieve benefits and affect audit quality.


Specialization in Auditing, Audit Firms, Audit Quality.

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