The Availability Characteristics of the Governing Institutional Dimensions, and their Impact on Work Motivation in Commercial Banks Operating in Jordan

Ayman S. Al-Qatawneh


This study aimed to identify the availability of the governing characteristics, and their impact on work motivation in the commercial banks operating in Jordan. To achieve the above objectives, a questionnaire was developed and distributed to sample consists of (304). The study has reached the following conclusions:
1. The respondent perceptions toward the dimensions of the governing characteristics were high. And their perceptions of the dimensions of work motivation, came also high.
2. There was a statistical significant effect for the dimensions of governing institutional on the work motivation in the commercial banks operating in Jordan.
The study recommends the need to adopt departments commercial banks governing concept and the promotion of institutional dimensions, and be convinced of the importance of those departments such rules and controls, which help to implement, and they should enhance dimensions of governing characteristics, through planned efforts in order to create govern organizations.


Governing Institutional, Work Motivation, Commercial Banks Operating in Jordan.

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