The Effect of the Medicine Marketing Mix on Jordanian Pharmacists Preference to Local Medicines in Comparison to Foreign Counter Parts

Muhammad Obeidat, Hamad Al-Gader Al-Gader


The aim of this study is to know the effect of the medicine marketing mix on pharmacists preference to local medicines in comparison to foreign counterparts.
The questionnaire of the study is composed of two Parts: The First Part is related to the demographics of the respondents, the Second Part is related to the study variables. Three-hundred questionnaires were distributed to a sample of pharmacists, and only two-hundred useable questionnaires were used. This constitutes a response rate of about 67%.
The results of the study indicates that the marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution) either separately or collectively affected the preferences of the Jordanian Pharmacists for local medicine. Also it was found that the demographic variables (age, gender, work, sector and experience) didn’t have any effect on the relationship between the dependent variable (the Preference) and the independent variables (Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution).
The study recommends the need for supporting local medicine industry. Producers are advised to improve the quality of their products. There is a need to pay more attention to Promotion Campaigns, attracting qualified marketing experts to work in these national companies, and to encourage the integration between the small companies, to be able to compete with large foreign companies.


Marketing Mix, Preference, Medicine, Pharmacists.

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