The Impact of the Development of Products and the Degree of Consumer Loyalty a Field Study of Consumers of Dairy Products in Amman City

Wafa Subhi Al-Tamimi, Samir Walied Al-Hallaq


The Study aimed to identify the impact of products development (product features, product quality and technology used) in the degree of loyalty from the consumer point of view of consumers, and the verification of a difference in the degree of loyalty and consumer dairy products in the Greater Amman Municipality according to the different demographic characteristics.
To achieve the objectives of the study questionnaire was distributed on a convenience sample composed (500) consumers of the Dairy Products in Amman. Accordingly, the data gathering, analyzing and examining the hypothesis were undertaken by using the SPSS program. The study came up with the following conclusions:
1. There is a significant statistical impact of product Features, its quality and Technology used and the degree of consumer loyalty.
2. There are no statistically significant differences in the degree of consumer loyalty, depending on gender and income.
3. There was a difference statistically significant degree of consumer loyalty, depending on the age and educational level. Based on these results was a set of recommendations which Focused on; the need to focus on the quality of the product, focusing on the technology used and attention to the promotion of the loyalty of the consumer.


Products Development, Consumer Loyalty Degree, Dairy Products.

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