Factors Affecting Electronic Data Interchange Implementation the Case of Jordanian Commercial Banks

Mohammad Awwad Suleiman Awwad, Madjida Salah Bensalah


This study aimed to develop and test a model which describes the factors affecting the EDI implementation in Jordanian commercial banks. These factors are: perceived benefits, top management support, technical infrastructure, external pressure, and organizational characteristics. Data were collected using a questionnaire consisted of 23 “likert” type items from a convenience sample of 227 respondents, data were analyzed using AMOS 16.0, to determine the interactions between the various factors. The results support the direct effect of perceived benefits, top management support, and external pressure on EDI implementation. Findings also indicated that there are no direct effects of technical infrastructure and organizational characteristics on EDI implementation. The study has suggested some recommendations, and also some directions for future research were proposed.


Electronic Data Interchange, Jordanian Banks.

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