Investigation of Factors Influencing the Intention to Adopt Mobile Banking Services in Jordan

Mohammad Suleiman Awwad, Mohammed Yasin Ghadi


This study aimed at identifying the major variables that affect the Jordanian consumers' intention to adopt Mobile Banking (MB), through testing a modified model of diffusion of innovations developed by Rogers (1995). The population of the study consisted of all Jordanian banks’ customers. A questionnaire consisting of 28 “likert” type items was distributed to a convenience sample of 500 respondents.
After being carefully examined, 413 returned questionnaires were valid for analysis, achieving a high response rate of 82.6%. A descriptive analysis was performed to extract relevant points. In addition, regression analysis was performed to test the stated hypotheses. Findings of the study indicate that some of the proposed variables of the model have a significant effect on Jordanian customers’ intentions to adopt MB (trialability, complexity, compatibility and perceived risk).


Rogers’ Model, Perceived Financial Cost, Perceived Risk, Adoption, Mobile Banking

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