The Attitudes of Controlling Units' Employees toward the Role of Accountability and Administrative Delegation on Controlling: An Applicable Study in the Ministry of Education in Jordan

Raed I. Ababneh, Nadia M. Jama'an


The study aimed at examining the role of accountability and delegation on administrative controlling as perceived by the employees of controlling units in the Ministry of Education in Jordan. A questionnaire was designed to achieve the objectives of the study including several personal and occupational variables and the study dimensions. All employees working (146) in the controlling units were chosen to fill out the designated questionnaire.
The most salient findings of the study were: the role of accountability and administrative delegation on administrative controlling was high and moderate respectively. Respondents working in each central and south region units reported higher practice level of accountability on administrative controlling compared with respondents working in north region.
Based on the findings, the study recommended conducting training courses to the employees of controlling units to provide them with the update of the field, and identifying job description for each employee to avoid overlapping in roles.


Accountability, delegation, administrative controlling, controlling units

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