Evaluation of Employees' Performance in Jordan Civil Service Statute: Perspectives of the Employees of the Ministry of Interior in the Northern Governorates of Jordan(A Field Study)

Muhamad A. Al-Agiel, Ahmad M. Abdel-Haleem


The study aims at identifying the evaluation of employee performance in Jordan. The study underlines the components that positively influence the process of evaluating the performance. It also identifies the elements that impede the whole system of evaluation. In addition, the study explores the relevant points of view of the employees at the Ministry of Interior. On the one hand, the study determines the extent to which the evaluation system delivers its main objectives, on the other hand, the study identifies the level of competence inherent in the components of the evaluation process.
The study finds out that the Civil Service Code lacks certain important components that focus on the need for significant items such as knowledge of relevant procedures, training workshops, desire to work and skillful decision making.
Moreover, the study concludes that the demographic characteristics of the sample members, i.e., the official position, age, level of education, years of experience, have no influence on their tendency towards emphasizing the necessity of setting standards for the evaluation of employee performance.
The study also notes that there is a feeling of unfairness among the sample in the way the system was applied. Finally, the study states that there is a strong correlation between the level of satisfaction among employees and their feelings about the issues of fairness and objectivity.


Civil Service Statute, Evaluation of Employee Performance.

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