Assessment of Nursing Manpower Situation in Jordan: Current and Future Issues and Needed Strategies

Farid Nusairat


Focusing on nursing manpower situation in Jordan, this study aimed at: (1) Assessing current situation of the nursing sector in terms of numbers and types, ratios, sectoral distribution, shortages and or surpluses, and nursing staff problems. (2) Projecting the future situation of nursing as to supply and demand and probable shortages and /or surpluses.
Data pertaining to nursing sector were directly extracted from official records and documents. Personal interviews and discussions with authorities in the field were carried out and relevant literature was reviewed. Annual patient days and nurse Full Time Equivalent (FTE) were used as bases for assessment of current and future needs with the year 2002 as a base year.
The most important findings of the study were; (1) Currently, the nursing sector faces many chronic problems such as skills shortage; supply shortage; job stress and burnouts; and dissatisfaction of staff; (2) Current numbers of nurses per 10000 population in Jordan are low (MOH, 2002). When compared with other countries, Jordan ratios were higher than that for developing countries. Ratio is expected to reach an unprecedented figure of (22.5) registered nurse per 10000 population in 2008. Projections indicate that by the year 2010, Jordan will have a total of 13495 registered nurses. (3) A serious sectoral maldistribution of nurses is evident with the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services being the most seriously affected. (4) At the beginning of 2008, Jordan and for the first time, will have a surplus of (165) registered nurses. By 2010, there will be a surplus of (473) registered nurses and (9244) practical nurses. The expected future surplus of registered nurses may constitute a real opportunity for Jordan to move from being mainly domestic-oriented to export-oriented country. Yet, it may pose serious problems for the Jordanian health sector if not properly attended to. Policy decisions need to be taken and new strategies need to be put into effect.


Nursing Manpower, Assessment, Issues, Shortages, Surpluses, and Strategies.

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