The Impact of the Perceived Quality of the Technology of Management Information System (TMIS) upon the Innovative Behavior at Al-Balqa Applied University

Kafa H.A. Al –Nawaiseh


The study aims at investigating the impact of perceived quality of (TMIS) on innovative behavior of the users of the management information system at the governmental community colleges of Al-Balqa Applied University. To achieve the above - mentioned goals, a questionnaire was developed and distributed to a sample of (462) users. The results were as follows:

1. The level of the perception of the respondents towards the dimensions of quality of ''TMIS'' was high, and their perceptions towards the innovation behavior were also high.

2-There was a significant effect for the dimensions of the quality of '' TMIS'' on the innovation behavior among the respondents.

The study recommends to increase senior management support for users by encouraging them to use the system and understand the different needs and the problems they face when using the system in order to overcome these problems. It also recommends providing the section responsible of the MIS with the information needed to perform its tasks as properly as possible.


Management Information System, Innovative Behavior, Al-Balqa Applied University

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