Strategic Planning and Organizational Performance, An Analytical Study of Jordan Pharmaceutical Industry

Farid Nusseirat, Saleh Al-Khatib


This study aimed at analyzing the strategic planning situation in the Jordanian pharmaceutical industry in term of clarity and understanding of the concept, degree of implementation, internal and external factors taken into account, degree of participation and sources of information.
Also, the study aimed at analyzing relationships between the strategic planning variables and the organizational performance.
Analysis of data collected from the study population showed that 52% of the managers had no clear understanding of the right concept of strategic planning. High degree of centralization in the strategic planning process was observed. There was no actual implementation of the right strategic planning concept. Managers have positive attitudes toward strategic planning. No significant relationships were found between the independent variables (clarity of the strategic planning concept, implementation, and factors of strategic planning) and organizational performance as measured by Return on Assets (ROA) and Market Value Added (MVA).
Finally, several recommendations and suggestions were introduced to managers and executives in the pharmaceutical industry with the purpose of giving more attention to strategic planning as a major success factor.


Pharmaceutical Industry, Strategic Planning, Strategic Factors, Organizational Performance

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