Evaluation of Strategic Opportunities and Threats in the Jordanian Marketing Environment

Hassan Ali Al-Zu’bi


The aim of this study is to identify available strategic opportunities in the Jordanian marketing environment and the threats that face companies, in addition to formulate an advisory framework to help management performing strategic analysis within the Jordanian environment.
This study was conducted on (10) tourism companies, which represent the research population. The research sample consists of (48) individuals drawn from these companies, who represent (general managers, assistant general managers and managers of major departments).
A number of statistical methods were used in testing the research hypotheses, some important findings led to a group of conclusions. The most important findings were related to advising companies to concentrate on the opportunities more than threats, in addition to the return/risk effects and the environmental analysis effects on outlining the preference system for managers.
A number of recommendations can be made, the most important of which is taking into consideration the different external environmental variables without neglecting any of these variables, since they have certain effects, in addition to advising companies to keep updated information systems for their importance in providing meaningful signs of opportunities and threats.


Strategic Opportunities, Strategic Threats, Marketing Environment.

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