Measuring the Impact of E-mail Usage on Communication Satisfaction (Analytical Study)

"Mohammad Khair" Saleem Abu Zaid


The major purpose of this study is to measure the effects of email usage among personnel work in Jordanian telecommunication companies on communication satisfaction. The required data are collected through a self –administrated questionnaire totally 220 personnel were number of respondent. the data are analyzed by using multiple regression, hierarchical regression, two independent sample and one way ANOVA.
The study results reveal about (92.2%) of the studied sample uses e-mail in communication, and the usage rate differ according to experience and email experience. Also the results show there is a direct effect of email usage on communication satisfaction, where the effect differs according to email experience and degree of equivocality. The study recommend to spread email system among personnel to enhance communication satisfaction, conduct training programs for new dealers with the system, and increase interaction among personnel to enhance knowledge transfer in dealing with system.


Communication Satisfaction, Electronic Mail, Richness Media Theory, Jordanian Telecommunication Companies

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