Small Business Firms in the City of Jarash Issues and Problems

Mohamad Riad Bondokji


Small businesses play an important and significant role in the social and economic development in Jordan and in other countries all over the world.
Jordan is a small and developing country, therefore, it needs more attention on all efforts which are used for development. Thus, this requires focusing on small industrial projects which help in the creation of new employment opportunities, settled workforce and facing economic stagnation.
Hence, the purpose of this study is to uncover realities concerning the small firms working in manufacturing products for local needs in the city of Jarash, in the northern region of Jordan. The realities intended to be studied in this paper are: capital, the size of work force, operating expenses, and the size of operations’ volume. This study, also, intended to pinpoint the financial, managerial and economic problems facing these firms.
Finally, the researcher aimed at stating the findings of this study and suggesting recommendations to support these small manufacturing firms in the city of Jarash.

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