The Correlational Relationship and the Influence between Occupational Frustration and Organizational Alienation: A Field Study on Public Medicinal Organizations in Jordan

Aktham Al-Sarayreh


The present empirical study was conducted on the public health organizations in Jordan. The population (n=3405) involved physicians from a variety of settings working in the health care sector at (12) governorates in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. A random sample (n=1775, 50.27%) was selected from all governorates with (988) valid questionnaires returned.
The study aimed at identifying the correlational relationship and the influence between the two variables and how widely they are perceived in the real world, as there are many symptoms of frustration found to produce increased alienation.
In order to attain the research goal and outcomes of the sub-variables, the researcher developed an instrument which consists of two sections, the first contains 28-items which cover frustration symptomatology, whereas the other section consists of 18-items distributed on the sub-variables. The measure is highly valid and reliable.
Statistical methods involved Pearson correlation coefficient, multi-regression (R2,T, and F) tests, and beta coefficients.
Findings of the study showed higher levels of occupational frustration and organizational alienation. Also, the results of the study have strongly supported the research hypotheses that there is a strong correlational relationship between occupational frustration and organizational alienation. There was a semi-confirmation that occupational frustration is a result of organizational alienation, also there is a relationship between occupational frustration and organizational alienation which was found to be significant, and there was a disparity among levels of frustration and alienation according to the variation of physicians’ specialties and work settings at such governorates.


Alienation, Social alienation, Personal alienation, Frustration, Powerlessness, Social isolation, Indifference, Meaninglessness, Normlessness, Self-strangement, Aggression, Complaining, Interpersonal, Apathy, Occupational frustration, Vandalism, Selfness

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