The Effect of the Presence of Communication Skills and Non-verbal Messages on Administrative Communication Efficiency: A Field Study on Heads of Departments in Government Centers in Kerak

Khaled Yousef Al-Zu’bi


The study aims at exploring the communication skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking skills) and Non-verbal messages (appearance, movements, sound, behaviors, time and place) of administrative heads of the departments in governmental centers in Kerak from the employees’ point of view. It also aims at uncovering the effect of these skills and messages on the administrative communication efficiency.
The study arrives at the following findings:
1. The presence of all communication skills was of average percentage. The mean was (3.9) with a standard deviation which equals (0.66). Among the skills available, reading skills come first, followed immediately by speaking skills, writing skills and listening skills.
2. The mean of all non-verbal skills was (3.78) and the standard deviation was (0.70). Among the available factors, place came first, followed by movements, appearance, behaviors, sound and time.
3. There is a significant statistical relationship between communication skills and administrative communication efficiency (R= 0.796) at (α = 0.01). The stepwise multiple regressions show that the skills of listening and speaking were the most effective on communicative interaction.
4. There is a statistical relation at (α = 0.01) between the non-verbal messages elements taken together (R= 0.754) and separately except the (movements) factor and communication efficiency. It appeared when analyzing by stepwise multiple regressions that the most effective factors are: time, appearance, and behaviors. The study recommends that training work-shop sessions should be held for the heads of the departments on using communicative skills to create positive interaction and establish administrative communication efficiency. It also recommends taking care of the best timing of interaction, deducing accurately the appearance factor, and finally words of department heads should match with their deeds.

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