The Status Quo of Transformational Leadership in Social Security Sector in Jordan: Employees' Perspectives

Husein Azab


This study aimed to ascertain from Social Security Corporation employees' perspectives the extent to which their immediate job leaders possessed the characteristics of transformational leaders. In line with this was the attempt to ascertain the extent to which these employees saw the need for their corporation to change and how far this change was welcome by them. Another aim was to ascertain whether the need for change in the Social Security Corporation correlated with the acceptability of change by its employees. A further aim was to assess the impact of variables, such as age, qualifications, years of experience in job and whether the respondent works in a supervisory position or not on their views of the extent to which their immediate leaders possess the characteristics of transformational leaders.

The study made use of a questionnaire, which was responded to by four-hundred social security employees in the capital city of Amman, Jordan. Analysis of the questionnaire data made use of both descriptive and inferential statistical procedures.

Results indicated that employees expressed the need for their corporation to change in its administrative system and organizational process and that change would be welcome and accepted. Significant correlation was found between employees' feeling of their corporation's need to change and their perceptions of how far change would be welcome.

Results also showed that employees' job leaders have the characteristics of and behave as transformational leaders. Significant differences were found between the sub-samples of the study due to qualifications, and between those who work in supervisory job positions and those who do not in their views of their immediate job leaders. The findings posed some recommendations and suggestions for further research on transformational leadership in Jordan.


Transformational Leadership, Transformational Leaders, Social Security

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