Analysis of Work Stress among Nursing Staff at JUH: Field Study

Ayman O. Al-Maani, Abdel-Hakim O. Akhoershaideh


This study attempts to examine work stress among nursing staff at Jordan University hospital. The objective of the study is to identify work stress, analyze its causes, determine their effects on the level of total work pressure, and test the differences in the level of stress related to demographic variables. The sample consists of (300) participants, randomly chosen. The following statistical methods were used for data analysis; descriptive methods, regression, T-test, and One Way (ANOVA). The data analysis has led to the following results:
Nurses suffer from work pressure as there is statistically significant effect of work stress variables on the general level of work stress. Moreover, there are no significant statistical differences in the level of stress related to demographic variables except the variables of job and education. To conclude, the study has proposed the following recommendations:
There is a need for raising salaries and incentives, implementation of a job description plan, improvement of working conditions and development of skills and abilities through adequate training programs.


Stress, Work stress, Nursing

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