Relationship between Privacy Protection, Registration in the e-stores, and Declaration of Correct Personal Data

Yusuf Ahmad Abu Fara


This study aims at analyzing the relationship between privacy – as an independent variable- , registration in the web sites and the electronic stores; and the declaration of the correct, true and accurate personal data when registering online – as a dependent variable. The study focuses on the privacy policies, procedures and plans to ensure excellent level of privacy. The study gives attention to the legal perspective and legal considerations of the privacy issue. The questionnaire was designed and directed to a random sample (n = 275 responses). A set of common search engines were used to determine the appropriate sample. Several statistical tools have been used including means, standard deviations, F, R2, 2, and Friedman tests. The study has concluded that web sites and e-stores have clear and accurate policies, procedures and plans to maintain high privacy level of the customers' personal data, but the registration level in these sites is still low. The declaration of the correct personal data to these sites is also low; many of the customers falsify their personal data. The study has recommended to establish global and Arab legal council for e-business and e-commerce to point the appropriate internet acts and solve e-transaction contestation.

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