Economic Efficiency and Equity in Health Services Provision in Jordan

Amer Bakir, Abed Kharabsheh


The study highlights several economic efficiency indicators and their relevance to the health sector in Jordan. It addresses the problems that the health sector is facing in relation to rising costs and its causes, measurement of economic efficiency and cost containment. It also identifies means to improve managerial efficiency and equity of health service provision.
The study shows waste in the use of economic resources, and high costs especially on curative care compared to preventive and primary care. The efficiency indicators including economies of scale, occupancy, beds and admission rates are relatively low. The study also highlights areas for improvements in managerial efficiency with respect to existing management systems, primary care, referral system, economic incentives to health agents, quality of services, ability-to-pay principle, increasing revenues and reducing expenditures.
The study identifies possibilities to improve equity of service provision by expanding the insurance umbrella to include more of the population and changing the insurance payments in a way compatible with service provision and income.


Efficiency and Equity in Health Economics.

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