Problems of Export Letters (LCs) from the Point of View of Jordanian Exporters

Ahmad H. Thaher, Tawfiq H. Abdul - Jalil


The main objective of this study is to identify problems of export letters of credit (L/C) from the point of view of Jordanian exporters. Other minor objectives include testing significant differences in the responses of Jordanian exporters related to business type and business experience. Also, the correlation among the different groups of problems was tested.
To achieve the above–mentioned objectives, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to (180) exporters, and (142) were returned valid for statistical analysis, i.e., percentage of return for questionnaires was (78.9%). The necessary statistical tests were performed with (95%) confidence level. The results of the study indicated that exporters face 27 problems out of the 30 problems that were studied. Among these problems were: the negative effect of the unstable political conditions in the area as well as the jam in the Aqaba seaport, which leads not to issue bills of loading on time. Moreover, the results showed significant differences, in five problems only, among different types of exporters as well as significant differences, in other five problems among exporters of different experience. Finally, the results indicated the existence of positive correlations among most categories of studied problems.

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