The Availability of Organizational Learning and Its Affection Upon The Innovative Behavior: “A Field Study for The Views of Employee on Jordanian Borrowing Public Co Operations”

Amal Y. Al-Majalie


The study aimed to introduce the impact of organizational learning on the innovative behavior field study for the views of employee on Jordanian borrowing public co operations.

To achieve the a above objectives, questionnaire was developed and distributed to a sample consists (553) subjects and then descriptive statistical technique such as (mean standard deviation) and analytical statistical technique such as (regression, Anova) were used to analyze the data. The study has reached the following conclusions:

1.     The mean level perceptions of the respondents to the degree of practice of the organizational learning and its dimensions were medium, while the mean level of perceptions of the respondents to the innovative behavior was high.

2.     There was a statistical significant effect for the degree of practice the organizational learning on the innovative behavior.

The study has recommended the followings: The management of these enterprises should enhance dimensions of organizational learning, through planned efforts in order to create organizational learning.


Organizational learning, Innovative Behavior, Borrowing Cooperation’s Organizational Development

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