The Effect of the Competitive Marketing Strategies, on the Ability of Small Size Manufacturing Enterprises in Jordan, to Achieve Sustainability and Growth

Elham F. Tommalaih, Mohammad I. Al-Masri


This study is an attempt to study the effect of competitive marketing strategies, on the ability of small Manufacturing enterprises in Jordan, to achieve sustainability and growth. This study investigates the relationship between a number of marketing independent variables and two dependent variables. Namely, the dependent variables are sustainability and growth. Where as the independent variables are: marketing concept, the entrepreneurship characteristics, marketing information systems, marketing strategic planning, and competitive marketing strategies (Differentiation strategy, Focus strategy, strategic deterrence strategy and cost leadership strategy). The population of the study represented all small enterprises that work in food sector and textile sector, employed from 5-49 employees, which recorded in Amman chamber of industry and Irbid chamber of industry. Subsequently the study comes up with the following findings: There is a significant effect of the adoption of marketing concept, the entrepreneurship characteristics, depending on marketing information systems, applying marketing strategic planning, applying competitive marketing strategies (Differentiation strategy, strategic deterrence strategy and cost leadership strategy) on the ability of achieving sustainability and growth to small manufacturing enterprises. But there is no significant effect for the focus strategy.


Small Manufacturing Enterprises, Sustainability, Growth, Marketing Concept, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Information Systems, Marketing Strategic Planning, Competitive Marketing Strategies

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