Developing an Excellence Assessment Model for Jordanian Businesses (EAMJB)

Rula A. Al-Damen


This study aimed at developing and testing a conceptual causal model for assessing business excellence, which was built upon the same core concepts, and principles of most popular international business excellence approaches. The model called The Excellence Assessment Model for Jordanian Business, in short (EAMJB). It contains the following six major excellence criteria including: - (1) leadership, (2) strategic management, (3) resources (human resources, information, financial, and materials), (4) process, (5) customer and market focus, (6) and finally the business results. The main theory of this conceptual causal model is that leadership is the driver of the model, which drives the enablers’ performance and this produces both financial and non-financial results. The prior theory of this causal model that leadership is the driver of the enablers which creates results is confirmed. All of the hypothesized causal relationships in the EAMJB are statistically significant. Leadership has a strong influence on all enablers and business results.


Excellence, Business Excellence, Excellence Assessment

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