The Effect of Organizational Factors on Strategic Planning in Jordanian Ministries: A Field Study

Ribhi Al-Hasan, Amjad Al-Afeef


This study aimed at identifying the effect of organizational factors on strategic planning in Jordanian ministries. These factors are: qualified human resources, financing, legislations, information, and technology. It targeted upper and middle managers to identify their attitude towards these factors and their effect on strategic planning. The research sample consisted of all managers (292). A questionnaire was distributed to them, and (277) were returned, out of which (222) or (76%) were suitable for statistical analysis.

Appropriate statistical methods (F-test, T-test, One Way Anova, R², and Pearson's R) were used to analyze data and to test research hypotheses. Results of the study revealed high and positive attitudes of managers towards strategic planning, and significant effect of organizational factors as a whole and of each factor separately on strategic planning. The study recommended allocation of adequate funds, recruitment of qualified human resources, and updating of administrative legislation related to strategic planning.


Strategic Planning, Jordanian Ministers, Jordan

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