The Effect of Commercial Advertising Characteristics upon the University Students’ Subscription Decision on Cellular Services

Mariam A. Nawaleh, Hani H. Al-Dmour, Wafa Al-Assaf


This research aims to define the extent of importance of the Commercial Advertising Characteristics upon the University of Jordan Students' Subscription Decision on Cellular Communication Services, and by providing recommendations about how to deepening the effect of commercial advertising and which characteristics of advertising (components of advertising, characteristics, medias) are more attractive and that should be taken in consideration by cellular communication services to affect Student's decision and behavior.

In order to achieve the study objectives, and to test hypotheses, a questionnaire was designed and developed to collect primary data regarding the major variables mentioned-above in order to analyze their impact. A convenience sample was chosen from the desired population, it contains (800) students in Jordan University, and the respondents reached (581) with rate (72.62%). Also, the study tool was arbitrated by specialists on this studies field, and it was designed and drafted accurately after returning to the previous studies' surveys, to assure the adequacy of the survey's questions to all variables which were covered by the subjects of study.

The study reached the conclusion that the form, credibility and simplicity in commercial advertising are the most attractive and influential on the student's decision in choosing the service provider in comparison with other elements, and television advertising is the most important among the advertising tools, Also the study displays that there is a strong effect of the elements of the characteristics of commercial advertising combined on subscription Decision on Cellular Communication Services, while the two elements fear and sex used as an appeal in content of commercial advertising are less important, also the study reached that Zain's commercial advertising is the best, followed by Umniah's commercial advertising and finally Orange and Express in the last position.


Commercial Advertising, University Students, Cellular Services

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